Sloe was born from the desire to create a good impact on the planet. We live in a world where we can consume everything we want, and have it delivered the next day.

At Sloe, we value the importance of conscious businesses. Whether you stock locally made products, support bigger causes via your business, or respect the wellbeing of your workers across the entire apply chain, we appreciate you!

The Studio at Sloe

We help conscious businesses drive change, reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Together, we can have a positive impact on the planet and in society.

Desk set up

Modern consumers have everything at their fingertips. At Sloe, we want to encourage people to take a step back, support local and encourage businesses to value the importance of doing good.

Design can have a massive impact on your company. We want to arm your business with the best tools to ensure you reach your goals and succeed in your industry. At Sloe, we know the importance of wearing your heart on your sleeve, expressing those core values and finding consumers that truly resonate with your brand’s purpose.

Let’s rethink the traditional business plan, wear out hearts on our sleeves and understand the importance our impact has on the planet and others.

Alix the Founder of Sloe Studios

Hey, I’m Alix - the founder of Sloe Studios. You’ll find me wandering the backstreets of cities with a coffee in hand, with my hiking boots on exploring the mountains, or swimming in the ocean with my toes in the sand.

I love designing for purpose driven businesses, refining brand strategy and helping businesses nail their niche. I love connecting with like-minded people, exploring new places and being goofy. I see the power in supporting locals, having a positive mindset, and not taking life too seriously.